‘White’ Challenge on Art Elements for December 2018

Hi well as usual I seem to be playing catch up…. I hadn’t actually forgotten about the challenge persay… but I hadn’t really come up with something for the challenge itself as December has been a bit demanding not just getting ready for Christmas….

I knew I still had to do it so I thought I would create a simple card for the challenge which I created yesterday and here is the link for the original blog post http://www.artelements.net/december-theme-challenge-white/

So here goes…

I love the sheer brilliant whiteness of snow and the stark white with dots of colour in the landscape its just a joy to see….

(Photos by Pierre Pelligini)

Frosty/snowy mornings walking the dog was always horrible thinking I needed to take him out but then loved it when I walked the woods with him he always loved bouncing through it.

Sadly Monty left us back in May…

Being mainly white and short legged… Ha ha!! it used to be fun seeing him in the snow…

So I’ve taken inspiration from this and the snowy covered trees to create some simple winter inspired cards…

I used my inktense blocks watercolours as a background then stamped with the trees and added glitter

Here I used the inktense watercolours used die cut snowflakes and added glitter for some sparkle.

Keeping it simple I think made it quick, easy and also effective…and if you need to make a lot of them easy to reproduce in a production line like scenerio…..

I will take some new photos in daylight so they will be a truer colour.

Here are a few other snippets of various different cards and jewellery past and present using white….

My Cracked Ice beads on copper

Christmas cards this year

These were also simple to create I used some drawn tree designs from Rag Tag Blog with added tree stamp and glitter cutout dies.

Hope you enjoyed your visit so now please continue the journey around all the other participants for this months challenge…

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Thank you for visiting

Elaine x


38 thoughts on “‘White’ Challenge on Art Elements for December 2018

  1. I love the cards, especially the serenity of the black tree silhouettes against snow white! Those cracked ice beads are beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Rosantia…. I’m missing my torch now… I’m wanting to get back to making my beads again… I’ve had a long break over a year now so time to dust off the workbench and get making again 😁


  2. I am sorry about Monty. There are always the moments where one is missing the little ones even more!

    Your pictures are gorgeous and I love how you transferred your inspiration on to your card designs!

    Thank you so much for joining us in this month’s theme challenge (especially since this one was the first one to host for me!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Claire it was fun… I’ve enjoyed seeing what everyone has done…. How its been tough for some being white….. I love it so had no problems choosing what to do…. Its always time is the route of my problem 😂…. Always in a rush to get things done. Xx


    1. Thank you Cathy… Card making I find is very time consuming you get a simple idea but by the time you have got all the components together… Like cutting out the snowflakes which took…. Forever! Hours go by and I feel I haven’t achieved much…. I do love the uniqueness of all things handmade however! My earrings are my favourite one of a kind as I’ve never made another pair of beads like it but always intended too.


  3. I love your inspirations! I do enjoy the serenity that comes from a winter landscape. Your cards are lots of fun and perfect for the season 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you so much Hope… I had some health issues to deal with before Christmas so was running behind from November really…. I did get there in the end except for the handmade cards…. so had a nice chilled Christmas with my family…😁😁🎅


  5. I agree that the simplicity of the bare trees against the white is stunning. And, it works so well on your cards. I hate that you were running behind, but you still were able to create something beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Susan… He always kept me company at night when I do my crafting…. But I am slowly getting used to him not being about now. He was my dog 100% he followed me everywhere 😁😁😁


  6. Bless that Monty dog, there is nothing like watching dogs have fun in the snow 😉 I love your cards you made this year but the snowflake one is a favourite that really sparkles 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my lovely, yes I miss him he was always fun in the snow…. And this is quite an old photo so he was young here with Bubbles the bunny in the background too. 😁😁

      I love snowflakes so it is my favourite thing to do… ♥️


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