December journalling and my Christmas knee disaster

Yes had to play catch up with my last 2 posts but this one is fairly current now…

I’ve been doing a bit of journalling in my December Journal but the Friday before Christmas my knee gave out on me while out shopping and so have been struggling with the rest of Christmas prep…. I’ve had to rest up and leave the last of the shopping and prepping down to my #1daughter Billie. She did a sterling job as I just couldn’t have done anything without her.

She doesn’t drive so hubbie had to run her about a bit but otherwise she was doing it on foot. She’s not particularly keen on buses to busy with people especially this time of year.

I was able to get a bit of journalling in but not much as I couldn’t move stuff around, I, again, had to rely on her to set up things for me and I felt guilty of using her time up doing other things I needed outside of running the house and Christmas of course.

My poor baby was getting rather exhausted… But we got there in the end… Just!!

So here are a few pages I did achieve while resting, in between wrapping and giving instructions of what needed to be finished.

Front cover has more embellishments to it now..including bells!!

This is the inside cover which is a pocket and the title page that is also a pocket as well

I need to re glue it as this bottom corner hasn’t stuck properly

I’ve got Maud Hiemstra’s prompts tucked inside that front pocket…. You can find them on her Instagram page here

Foxy collaged on

This tree is double sided and a tuck spot

These are all pockets and tuck spots just haven’t got anything to go in them yet

Except this pocket it’s full of bits and pieces to use.

I made the tuck spot with the red snowflakes on the left with part of a cracker it still has a bit of a curve to it right now but hopefully in time it will flatten

I made a belly band and hope to stencil on these pages before doing anything else

Do you get the impression I love Red!!

Side view of all the lovely goodies sticking out…. Lace is needed I think and more tabs 😁😁

Here are my collages I’ve done inside… This is the first prompt on Maud’s list

The doily is a tuck spot

So is the tree

And the tree/tag is a tuck too

SQUIRREL…… isn’t he cute! He is a pocket as well.

I mainly used 3D Decoupage paper pads from The Works in the collages, I had finally found them while out shopping when my knee went. So I did get them home…. YAY! The squirrel is from The Winters Tale digi kit I used from Artymaze on Etsy.

I also used 2 other kits from Artymaze as well throughout the journal called Old Time Christmas and Watercolour Christmas you will find them all in her Etsy store.

The other papers I used were from paper packs called 12 days of Christmas by Docrafts Papermania and Merry and Bright from The Works own range called Make & Create and a few other paper pads from there too.

Well that’s all I have for you for now, until I’m back on my feet again properly I can’t really do much more….. So

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a

πŸŽ‰Very Happy New Year for 2020πŸŽ‰

❀️Thank you for visiting me in my small little Blogland, I do appreciate you all who visit! ❀️

πŸ₯‚See you all in the new year🍾

I will say Bye bye to 2019 and hope 2020 will be better!!


Elaine xx

My Christmas/December journal

Took some time to get around to making it but it was together by about the end of the first week of December.

I wasn’t really expecting to do December Daily journalling but I wanted to just keep it to when I felt like doing some things in it.

I have taken out a few pages because it was a little chunky and also I realised I didn’t like where they where in the journal. So now I’m a bit happier with the lay out…

Just gotta get going in it… Halfway through December already and nothing added yet!!!

Bye for now

E xx

Update on the Witchy Journal

Just thought I would show a few photos of my additions to my Witchy Junk Journal.

It’s called.. The Witching Hour!

I’ve added extra scrapbook papers to the inside covers… This helps to strengthen the covers as well as look more interesting 😁

And I’ve added some lovely black lace pockets too.

I’ve added a title page, I just needed to add the year to it.

The back pocket.

And a couple of journal pages…

So onto other things….

Just playing catch up….. Again!!


Bye for now

E xx

October Art Elements Challenge… Eyes

Oh I had completely forgotten about signing up for this challenge, here’s a link to the blog, so no time to get much together, a bit like the rest of October and Halloween. I was going to try and do October Daily journalling but….

Nope never happened!!

I got some lovely new Halloween bits and bobs recently…. Still never happened.

My original idea was to make an eye in glass…..maybe a dragon eye, so I could make a cover of a journal with the eye on it or a spell book or something of that nature…. Nope!!

I started to put a Halloween journal together though…. Still not finished….

Does have an eye in there from my witchy from my attempt at Inktober a few years ago… She will be on my front cover….maybe! (oh and my first bit of sewing on paper after finally getting my sewing machine up and running again)

Its a start…. 😁😁😁

Oh gosh lots of maybe’s going on isn’t thereπŸ˜•πŸ€”πŸ€”

I have made various things in the past with some eyes involved…

Mainly drawings

Evil Eye..

I really liked her eyes in this one..

I like the sinister look of them!!!

But what to do….

Well I finally decided to finish the journal… I did put it together very late last night, well this morning actually… I’m a bit of a night owl 😁😁

So here we go…

My Witchy Halloween Junk Journal

Papers sewn together from Happy Halloween pack by Carta Bella

Love all the different bats aren’t their eyes cute…bats do fascinate me. This came from an encyclopedia

Some of my gel prints this is copper and all sparkly in real life… Rubbish photo sorry!

The skeleton is so cool πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡πŸ¦‡

My first stitching on paper went a bit wonky but I suppose I will improve… Its been years since I did any machine sewing anyway so little bit rusty!

I’m sort of making pockets here but still need to glue them done… Still a WIP then I can start journalling in it. Might try and get some done before the Night is out!! Mwwwhahahaha πŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸ§›β€β™€οΈπŸ§Ÿβ€β™€οΈ

Some lovely Tim Holtz paper

This paper I just joined with black

Some lovely bats on the back page

Of course can’t go without a pumpkin somewhere, this was my daughters carved pumpkin from a previous year…. Love it!

Here are all the participants of the challenge from the Art Elements blog:

Team members

Have fun checking out everyone’s entries…

See you next time


E xx

Journalling, I am really enjoying it

For the last 2 years I haven’t been beadmaking and jewellery making is on the back burner, always there but not making anything.

It’s all since my Fall back in June 2017 😒😒 my workshop has stood still like its lost in time…. Cobwebs and dust…. Including spiders….. Brrrrrr….😱

Its messy in there and I don’t really want to spend time in it, I need to clean it, not my favourite thing at all!!! And of course it needs tidying which I’m rubbish at!!! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Since then I got into Art Journalling and Mixed Media…. Watching YouTube while I was recovering is how I originally got hooked on it, then that in turn I found junk journalling and the making of them.

It took months to make my first journal and as much as I loved the process it took time to learn new techniques etc. to achieve the result I got….it was sometimes daunting, often frustrating but definitely worth the journey….

I am getting a bit quicker at creating them now but still it takes me time and lots of decision making along the way.


I love it, I enjoy making them personalised for each recipient. I don’t make them to sell I make them to pass on to individuals I know. I love themes and I have quite a long list of journal themes I want to make….. Yes I really need to make a journal for that! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

But what to do with them once I’ve made them for me, in the theme I love…. Mmmmm….

I needed to use them!

I don’t record my daily life, it doesn’t interest me enough to do that!

So how to use them?

I made my Old Dutch for me to kind of work that out….

And I could use it anyway I wanted to, not really an art journal but not a diary either….

Creative journalling is what I call it!

I can use it to store things I’ve done, cards etc I receive that means sometime to me, so some memory keeping.

This was my Mother’s Day card from #1daughter

I cut it apart down the middle, the heart is the front which is whole and the rest was cut into tags and decoration.

And of course junk journalling is also visual journalling adding embellishments, prettying it up if you like….adding tuck spots and pockets to hold things in you want to keep, as well as just making a page look enjoyable to look at.

Stencilling is a favourite

Napkin decoupage and fabrics that were my #1daughter little ‘blankie’ when she was very young.

I want to put some photos of her onto a card or tag to tuck into the belly band I made on the righthand page above

The postcard on the left page is also a pocket so need to make something to go into that as well.

Below is just a decorated collage page which I loved the way it turned out.

Sometimes they work but quite often they don’t…. That’s why I’m not showing the opposite page πŸ™„πŸ™„

The piece of fabric is a flip up again one of the blankie fabrics you can just see it behind it on a previous page.

Here it is below, more photos for there too I think.. and I want to embellish the front of it with lace etc.

More decoupaging with napkins, this spread on the right page (below) is finished and was from Happy Mail from Noit (Noit Art on YT) last year

The fabric flip on the left is from a dress I made a looooong time ago, loved the fabric but when I finally got the dress finished I couldn’t fit into it any longer…. 😒😒😒 I haven’t worked out what I’m going to do with this page yet! I might just glue it down completely and collage on top of it….. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” If I’m not sure I just leave it to ponder until I do know.!

WIP I still have to finish both of these pages above and below all from napkins, well except from what’s already on the page of course!

This one below is a Daphnes Diary magazine page with some fashion images I fussy cut out and glued on and then added the napkin along the top …. This isn’t quite finished yet I think I may add some lace down the side.. We’ll see!

More pondering I think….

Its a bit whacky this one but I really like it…. I look at it as the ladies are walking and posing on the roses…. Ha ha! 😁

This page is dedicated to Monty my old hound dog, I lost him last year and this sunflowers card was sent from the Vet who came out to put him to sleep. He was so lovely and I was really touched by this sweet card.

This was from Ineke from Holland who sent me this New Year card, hoping this year would be a better one for me. ❀️🌼Thank you my lovely friend 😘

This was a birthday invite of one of my Hubbies friend, I really loved the roses..

This was my birthday card from…. #1daughter of course! Why do I call her that you may ask!?

Well she is my only child and so she is Number 1! As well as my whole world 🌼❀️🌍❀️🌼

I loved this lady which came out of a Daphne’s Diary… I’ve also still got the negative part to it as well. I will probably put it in with the reverse showing which is in blue..

Roxy Creations digital linen on the right and my Red fashion Tag in the bag pocket on the left… I am really happy with the tag…. I need to make some more I think!!

Couple of tags in different pockets

More Daphnes Diary pages this one is a ballet dancer, there are some more images to add yet…

More lovely birthday cards, below from hubbie, above from my brother and SIL.

This one I was trying out my metallic pearly watercolours I got for my birthday from #1daughter, they are a bit unusual to use and I got some of the sheen coming off the blue but not alot from the copper in this photo. In real life the copper really shines but the blue you have to catch the light just right on it.

I will have to check out how to use them as they take a bit of getting used to, YouTube will tell me somewhere I believe! They are called Coliro – pearlcolors from Germany.

So that’s what’s in my Old Dutch for now, I still have more ideas to work out and things to finish which I hope to get some more ‘Journal with Me’ videos done soon…. So many things to do and finish I’m getting very behind now…

Then there’s my Dutch Tulip jj to fill up as well from my trip to see Ineke.

I am currently working in this one at the moment so hoping I can do my next ‘Chatty jj with me’ in the next couple of days with that….

Catch you all again soon

Bye for now

E xx

September.. Yay I’m current at last!

Yes writing currently is a bit easier than trying to remember what was going on months before.

So what have I been doing this month…

I’ve been recording videos and finally got those finished and uploaded to YT…

My first tutorial was making Distress Oxide Ink papers which can be used for backgrounds…

Great fun, I love using my Oxide inks I have some new colours I hadn’t tried out so even more fun….

Then I used them in my next video to show how they can be used, I made these tags

The left and centre ones I embossed in my Sizzix Big Shot with an embossing folder, then I covered it with wax in relief, quite time consuming but I was pleased with the effect. The right one I added a napkin decoupage over the oxide printed background.

My next video tutorial was decoupaging napkins

This time onto envelopes made from the oxide papers….

And then embellishing them with lace etc…

Videos are up on my YT channel now

Chattylaine Creates

Editing these was very long and time consuming I ended up splitting them into 2 separate ones as I had originally recorded them at the same time. It would have been such a long video otherwise, so lots of cutting and rerecording a new intro to the envelopes one then had to finish them off by embellishing them. With my trip away ‘Up North’ in the middle of it.

That was the end of August we went on a football away trip. Hubbie is a big footie fan and supports Luton. They happen to be playing 2 teams in close proximity to each other… Sheffield Wed. on Tuesday night then Barnsley on the Saturday…. So we thought we would go away for them both and did a bit of travelling around while we were there.

Here we were in the pub next to Sheffield train station, it opens onto the platform of the station as it used to be the waiting room for the platform…. Beautiful tiled walls and vaulted ceiling

Yep I also went shopping…. Like you do, found some lovely finds in Charity shops so came back with some goodies.

I have a video on these too here

Some books of various types

1904 vintage book of Ballards bit battered but lovely old pages

Who remembers this TV programme?

Got some great vintage pictures in this book..

Love this Troll book, it’s a kiddies book but so lovely

I loved the illustrations in it.

Some lovely laces/crocheted pieces and other fabrics

I did have a great time finding them all.

So lots of videos to check out if you fancy popping in on my YTchannel.

All likes and subscriber’s greatly received… It really helps me to get seen on YouTube if you would hit the πŸ‘πŸ» Likes on each video and the πŸ”” Subscribe button…. 😁😁😁β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

Thanks for visiting

Until next time

E xx

July and into August….

Yes still not quite caught up and August is nearly over so thought I needed to combine them both for some parts…..

I put ‘Old Dutch’ jj together for me to journal in…. I’d not done junk journalling before only Art Journalling, I’m not much of a writer or even a quotes person, I like visual art and using paints and other colourful media.

So I class it as Creative Journalling!

During July I made a start working in my ‘Old Dutch’, and had fun filling pages. I thought I would have a bit of a bash at ‘Junk Journal July’ which was a challenge on Instagram from @JoieDeFi and two other ladies, @MegJournals and @patricia.nordeen the prompts were straight forward enough I’m just not that good at following them day by day…. I did a few here and there otherwise I find they stifle my creativity!

Here are the prompts I did

2. Create a collage

Actually this was a front cover of a cheap sketchbook… That was fun!

3. Use a tag

This was my Mother’s Day card from #1daughter it was a special one and so many lovely things on it. I love the 3D heart which was raised by foam pads, just love the filigree cut outs. So I made tags with part of the inside of the card. I ‘tipped it in’ with washi tape.

7. Florals

This spread was in my Dutch Tulip junk journal

This is the front cover now with the tulip postcard I bought at the Keukenhof as you can just see on the right side it has a tuck/pocket which you can just see the wing of the butterfly which is on a salad spinner artwork poking out, made by Ineke my friend in Holland.

My floral spread was mainly washi stickers and tape with gift wrap paper which are the pink flowers and a birdie cut out.

8. Minimalist

I used washi stickers is toning colours on top of my yellow gel print. The print was of a butterfly and flowers stencil. So I thought it fitted nicely…

Then I jumped to

12. Washi galore

Yep added some of my wide washi’s to the left page in buildings and architecture and on the smaller page florals with patterns and postmarks. Simple but great fun!

15. Lyrics

Love the film Ghost Rider and they use the Doors song Riders on the Storm as the title music… Love it… Some of the lyrics are a bit odd then Morrison was usually pretty high most of the time…

So I had an old Piano music book of my Dad’s when he tried learning to play the electronic organ….many many years ago. So I took out the whole page with the music and lyrics from the book…. I then tipped it in with the blue washi tape and wrote out the lyrics on the ledger paper next to it.

25. Make a pocket and it includes

5. Favourite colour

This I put on the back cover I used craft paper to make the pocket and added one of the linens digi kits from Roxy Creations (on YT)

I popped a Tulip postcard inside the pocket. Favourite flower as well.

Red is my favourite colour but I love blue and purple too.

Here’s a tag using Red…

I made it in a fashion/sewing theme, which shows me finishing this off in my latest video on my YouTube channel.

I used an old pattern instruction sheet and pattern tissue with the lovely markings on. Added this vintage pattern fashion lady, my Mums cross stitch poppies in digi form, some washi, lace and I stitched on some buttons to finish. Then added a hole with an eyelet, some sari silk and tied the string around it in a bow.

I did ink the edges and got a blob on the tag so may need to cover that with something… Not sure what yet… Its for my journal so may not bother really. Quite pleased with how it turned out!

I think that’s about it for the prompts now… Here are a few other spreads in my Old Dutch and few in my Dutch Tulip and Collage journal….

That’s this one:

More to come in this one!


Ineke made this tag its decorated on both sides

I like to add things here and there, I don’t always finish a spread in one go and I have to ponder for a while before I do!


My bead dangles on the spine of the book

Barbara’s pocket (@49dragonflies) she sent in her Happy Mail

More linens from Roxy Creations

Fabric flips using my daughters old ‘blankie’, from when she was very little, I need to pop some photos under here I think!

Napkin decoupage and a pocket from Noit of Noit Art on YT and another fabric flip

I do chat about it more in this video here

Or is it this one here

There is all sorts in both of them so hope you will check them out

Stencilling and old book pages

I need a tag for this tuck and I won’t add anymore to the left page.

So nearly caught up….

I’ve just been away and did a bit of journalling while I was away so I will take some photos and that will be in another post….

So that’s about it for now

Phew!!! I’ve finally caught up…. I think?!

Bye for now

E xx ❀️

Onto June… Still behind!

So in June there were lots of family birthdays my Brother turned 60 and
had a bit of a do…. My #1daughter had hers as well and we bought our very first brand new car…. Never realised how satisfying that can be making decisions on colour and all the bells and whistles it was going to have… We’ve gone automatic as well so it’s so easy to drive, I love it!

It’s red….of course! Doesn’t she look fabulous…. 😁😁😁😁😁❀️

Just need a nice new drive to sit her on as ours it’s terrible. Gritty and dusty which I carry into the car… Grrrr!!

The rest of June was making up my Journals and working in them…. I’ve got my first ‘Chatty Journal with Me’ video up on my channel now. Combined with some lovely Happy Mail from Barbara @49dragonflies

Some lovely linens and napkins and some other lovely things she made me.

My ‘Old Dutch’ junk journal is really fun to work in I’m really enjoying it… Here it is before I started using it

3 signatures

Lots of old book pages from nature, music, wine books as well as some of my gel prints

Maps and wallpaper

Dutch bags from the Tulip Park

Some digi kit pages this one and the colourful tulips above are from Artymaze on Etsy

I also used an archeology book and some of the pages I liked from the Dutch book itself.

Inside cover was covered in fabric with these little red hearts all over it. 🌼β™₯️

Coloured cotton threads which I waxed myself with beeswax so they would slide through the holes easier and not knot up. I will add beads to the ends, of course! When I get around to sorting some of them out.

I’ve added some additional things already… Here is the flower brooch that I got for my Spring Swap from the lovely Tamara…. Doesn’t it look lovely…

In my ‘Chatty Journal with Me’ I added this pocket to the inside cover, so I could fit my large Windmill postcard into it…

Here’s the link to my video… Happy Mail From Barbara & Chatty Journal with Me

It took me some time to get it edited but finished it early into July…

More ideas for future ‘Journal with Me’ are on the way….just got to get recording.


So until next time

Have fun creating

E xx


Visiting Holland – Part 2 Windmills and journals

So following on from Amsterdam the next day wasn’t to busy, we were going off to do some craft shopping in town and the first stop was Action. This is a low budget chain of shops across Europe and they have a really good craft section. So was happy browsing through lots of stamps and cutting dies and our basket filled up with lovely goodies… Now that was going to add to my luggage weight on the way home… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So while we were still in Best Ineke told me that they have a working windmill, well you can’t go to Holland without seeing a Windmill now can you!

I was very brave and went up to 2 narrow ladder/stairs up to where the while railings are…

Oh wow I was so pleased with myself for achieving that…. There was one more floor which would have been great but I couldn’t do that one…. It had all the workings of the mill its self too… But no I couldn’t cope with another flight of narrow steps…

The lady at the mill was very knowledgeable and Ineke translated for me, as her English was very good but she struggled with certain things.

Ineke’s English is fantastic and she is also fluent in French as well, so translating for me was easier for her.

We then went off to Eindhoven for a wander around a few shops there. The plan was to visit this warehouse place that she found, which had vintage and secondhand books, linens and all sorts of things. We found out on Saturdays they were only open until 12pm so it was too late, it was already gone 1pm. Ineke had found it recently and bought my big Old Dutch book from there which I was going to bring home with me.

I gutted it while I was there and just brought the cover home with me as I wanted to make a Junk Journal with it. I will show you that in another post but the font was gorgeous and in Dutch… of course! I love foreign text, shame I’m rubbish at languages… πŸ™„

So maybe next time I can go to the warehouse place but for now it was shopping in Eindhoven only…

More crafty things and some lunch then we went back to Ineke’s home. I promised to take her out to dinner for looking after me… In the end we had a Chinese takeaway which actually was more fun and we could chat at leisure and she also had to show me her craft room at the top of the house…. Brilliant…. Loved seeing her fabulous goodies. And more things that she had found in her stash for me… She is such a generous lovely person and can’t believe how well we have ‘hit it off’ it’s like we’ve been friends for years!

So before I left home I made Ineke (which is pronounced ‘ee – nuch – a’ ) a journal as well as one for myself to take with me so we could work in them together using memorabilia from my trip and just crafting in them together.

Here is the one I made Ineke:

The cover is made with scrapbook paper from Ciao Bella called Codex… which is based on Da Vinci which Ineke likes.

So the theme of the journal was Da Vinci and his drawings etc…

The stencilling was a bit steampunk cogs and plans

With some floral thrown in too

Junk Journals use old book pages and I found some postcards which had Da Vinci innovations drawings on

Some washi I took her

All the bits and pieces of ephemera I added to the back pocket for her to use.

Back cover

I loved making it for her and I hope she will have the courage to use it soon. 😁😁

Here is a glimpse of my travel junk journal, I never used it out there but I have added things to it since being home…

Still more to do to it but I will be using it in future videos in my Create along with me series I’m just starting on my channel…. Chattylaine Creates…. on YouTube.

My Old Dutch Junk Journal is now finished too and my first video is nearly ready to be uploaded as I write this….

So that’s is for May…. And my visit to Holland was fabulous, I loved visiting Ineke and fell in love with Holland.

I hope to go back again maybe next year… She is hoping to come visit me here first…. It was fun.

So until next time

Bye for now

E xx

Visiting Holland – Part 1 Amsterdam

So after my traumatic flight, I enjoyed my evening with Ineke and she gave me the plans for the next day and my trip to Amsterdam and the Keukenhof Tulip Park…

We went up from Best (where Ineke lives), just outside Eindhoven, on the train to Amsterdam as well as a canal trip before the Park. The train was a novelty for me as it was a double decker. She also got us First Class tickets which was lovely…. Never travelled first class before!

Great train ride very fast and smooth… I fell in love with Holland! 🧑🧑🧑

So here are some photos of Amsterdam and the canal trip which were a little difficult to get good shots when surrounded by lots of tourists…

Grand Central Station


Dam Square and the Palace

Our canal boat – bottom left

7 bridges

Old Amsterdam


And onto the Tulip Park which was gorgeous even though the end of the season and lots of them had already been cut down because they had finished…

Me on the way in…

Ineke in front of the glass sculpture

Me sitting on the wishing well

Beautiful Tulip sculptures in bronze

I so love tulips they are my favourite flowers…. Having my birthday in January I often get them for my birthday 😁😁😁🌷🌷🌷

I had a lovely day I got pretty tired but I definitely completed my 10,000 steps on that day!!!! Ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So Friday was the most hectic day the rest was a bit more chilled….. Craft Shopping next…onto Part 2.

Thanks for visiting

E xx