I Talk to the Trees

Just finished a new journal page for

Week 36 … Nature 

for the Art Journal Prompts group.

‘I Talk to the Trees’ is a song sung by a very young Clint Eastwood in the film Paint your Wagon. 

This A3 sketchbook originally was my Final Project sketchbook for my Art Foundation course at college (quite a few years ago now) and I decided to repurpose it for my Art Journalling journey. I removed all my photos and leaves and basically anything that was stuck in.  

This tree was drawn with a basic black pen all that time ago (about 13-14yrs ago) but had no colour to it. So I got out my watercolours and painted the page.

It has a slight sunset edging down the left side (centre) and some sky highlights. I’m not that good with watercolours but I do like painting. 

The skeleton leaves where also from my original book on a base of Pastel paint sticks. So I cut around them and stuck them down, they are so delicate I daren’t take them off the paper,  along with some stamping I made onto tissue paper with musical notes. I tore these into strips and stuck them along the branches…. all that was left was to write up the lyrics to the song ♫♪♭♫

Oh and a little musical doodles too.

Starting to get the hang of things now…. I’ve started to plan some of the pages so I can remember what I want to do and work out how I want to do it!!

So I will be a little bit more organised…. ha ha ha!!! We’ll see!!

I’m enjoying the process….

Till next time 

E x



Well Hi…

My first Journal page is finally complete…. this one I have submitted onto the fb group called Art Journal Prompts. … each week they have a new prompt and so I thought this one matched Week 25 ‘Time’ prompt.

I worked in my craft paper journal and gessoed the page then added a watercolour base and then used my new script type stamps. I originally was going to put the tags on at this point but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to then…

So I drew around them… then drew some circles and those changed into the stylised roses. I mixed my own paint colour which was a browny red… I liked it.

I had previously made my own texture paste and really needed to try it out…. I love texture and the paste was great!

I used my steampunk type clock stencil and oh.. was so happy!!

Now in the bottom right corner I ended up smudging the stamp so wanted to cover it up. After a bit of thinking and some days later I come up with using the tags again.

I cut them down and distressed the edges then using the same paint as the roses I rubbed it on all the edges around the tags. Added some decorative papers and the wooden keys were again painted with the same browny/red colour paint 😊

I had a little play by adding some dots of 3D pearl paint and a few Tim Holtz ideaology mini cogs to give it a steampunkesque feel!

I am pleased with the finished result!!
Till next time

E x

Art Journalling…. my new adventure!

Hi there

I have had a very difficult time recently…. I work in a school as a dinnerlady and in June I had a really bad FALL whereby I split my head open and had to have 32 stitches (8 were internal ones) and I have had a long recovery from this traumatic event as it has affected my knee and in turn my hip.

So I have been a YouTube fanatic watching a very large and varied selection of Art Journalling/Mixed Media videos, some scrapbooking projects and some random card making too. 

I have often made my own cards for friends and family for special occasions but now I have the bug for Journalling….

I intend to journal about my FALL and my recovery from it along with maybe prompts from fb groups etc.
So my journey begins……

Some stamps and vintage paper bags

Some stencils and different paints and inks

Pigment ink powders with spritzer bottles

So much fun to be had….
Next post will be my first journal page completed.

Till next time 
E x

Earrings galore!

Well I thought I might show you some jewellery I’ve made recently….. I had neglected my own jewellery needs so these are for me.

2017-05-09 18.19.41

Lovely blossom ceramic Spear bead/charms by Petra Carpreau from Scorched Earth. My own red spacer beads and handmade copper earwires, with lashings of copper wire and beads.


2017-05-13 02.01.50


These ceramic beauties were made by the lovely Natalie Fletcher-Jones of Peruzi an Australian beadmaker and someone I call friend now!! She is originally from the UK so we chat about all sorts.

Back to the earrings they are set on copper with some swarovski bicone crystals wrapped around the centre and other crystals and tiny greek ceramic disks. Tiny glass pearls on top with my big hoopy earwires…. I love these and wore these last weekend but …….. one of the earwires from the big hoop beads snapped. 😔

So I’ve had to take them apart ….. grumpy face 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

I will show you the reincarnation when I’ve figured it out, as I think I will split them and do something separate with each half instead.

Here are a few little earrings for just general day wear for you to look at

Oh and these2017-05-09 18.45.08

Beautiful etched copper long daggers/spears with holes down one side with silver jump rings attached for a fab asymmetric style (so me!) And I’ve added chains and more of my own handmade earwires. I love the silver accents in these, I did um and arr whether to add beads to these but I think they will be very general to use with whatever colours I’m wearing this way.


So until next time…..


Thanks for popping in


Elaine xx


I would like to say Hello as I have never used this blog since activating in over 2 years ago.
I thought I would try and see how it works and whether I feel it’s better than my Blogger one.
So here I am … my name Elaine Thornton.

I am a Lampworker  (Glass Beadmaker and components) 

Jewellery Designer (Wireworker)

In my paid job I am a School Dinner Lady (correct title Mid Day Supervisor)






And friend ……

Here I will show you my beads and maybe some jewellery if I make some which isn’t as often now. But I do make it for myself when I get the chance.

Kissing Petals Headpins

Scruffy Bell caps

Opal Sky Flower Headpin

Mimosa Bellflower 

Two tone Bells

Silver Azure Petals HP

Oz Leaves HP

Poppy HP

Periwinkle Bellflower and HP

Some Jewellery 

Scarlet Diva Necklace (with a tulip bead by me)

Denim Shell earrings (all made by me)

And these are just a little selection of my work.

Hope you like what you see.
Thanks for visiting

Elaine x