So what have I been up to!

Time is whizzing along, so much going on.. its been hectic.

Right then…. Big news is Mr T has now retired…. YAY!!

He had a retirement do on Saturday for his work mates… Had a nice turn out of old and current guys (some are already retired). It was a good night I went along too, had a few bevvies with the guys.

We had some sadness too last week with his cousin sadly passing away and her funeral was on Thursday…. The Big C strikes again 😒 she was the same age as me!

He also got his ticket for the Plymouth game…. Yes footie!!πŸ˜• But we are going down there for the weekend…. No point without his ticket…. That’s on 9th March so I need to get browsing to see what I can do with my time while he and the others go to the game…. We’re not alone down there friends will be gathered as well!!

That was last week now for this week….

So here for some really good news we finally got his pension through so that’s fantastic…. I will get my kitchen…. HOORAY!!!!!


More on that when that starts happening, when the spring/summer properly arrives…. Its lovely weather here right now but don’t know how long that will last… Enjoy it while we have it! 😁😁😁🌞🌞🌞 Hope it will be like this for Plymouth!!

So busy on these and other things that I’ve not got much crafting done tbh. Cut out some tags with my new tag punch for the decorative tops to them. (birthday pressie)

I needed 2 tags for the Challenge on Tracie Fox’s group The Foxy Crafter’s on Fb. Still need to get that done…. Will try and video it but not sure how well I’ll do 🀞🏻

I also have a swap I need to do on a Spring theme in one of my other FB groups but as it’s suppose to be a surprise for the recipient I can’t divulge that just now.

I have, however, started working on a journal for me so I can show you some of that as I go along….

Here’s the papers so far….



Steampunk is in 2 colours as you might notice… One of my printer colours had run out and I got these lovely pinky/purple pages so might create something using those. Then I will sort out a full on steampunk journal at a later date…. 😁

Billie (#1daughter) has been home from uni this weekend just gone, as she’s not been feeling too good. But I was chatting with her and told her I wanted to make her a journal, she seemed pleased with that so we discussed what she would like and Tolkien was at the top of the list along with a nature/woodland theme too, especially with foxes in it!! She loves foxes!!! Her last project at the end of last year was a fox..🦊

So my journal list is getting ever longer!!!

One of these journals is for my journal ideas and one for my lists I like to constantly make…. Plus current things to do with the house and plans we need to make for the future… Like holidays and my kitchen and other stuff generally!!

Like I said…. The list is getting ever longer!!! Ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So here are some plans for now, I bought a few new bits of kit for my videoing endeavours I plan on…. I really need to clear my dining table as I want to use it as a desk for now….

Here is a new light which slots onto the new phone holding contraption this will then fit onto my tripod so I can record videos on my phone. I can use it as a handheld vlogging type device too. It’s to help with keeping it steady while holding it in front of you, not sure if that will happen for me but my idea is that these bits all help with my videoing for the time being.

Not sure if one light will be enough so I’m going to try it out on a book and birthday haul so I will see how it goes for now.

That’s all I have for you… I will try and keep up with my blogging but theres so much enjoyment to be had now we are both retired….

Oh and I’m off to Stamperama on Sunday so there could be another video haul to come as well…. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Catch you next time


Elaine β™₯️


Journal for Junk it up

Hi Happy January 2019 (always happy for me as its my birthday month)

So I’ve got cracking on making some new journals and even been having a go at albums too (can’t show the album right now as it’s for someone).

Here’s my Junk it Up journal

This Junk it Up Journal is for Nina Ribena Art Journal Prompts group as she has a new structure this year. Well it’s a bit different but not that much, so here’s what we are doing.

Each month we’ll have a different prompt (that’s the same) but each week will be set up the same:

Week 1: Mood board

Week 2: Junk it up

Week 3: Calendar page/card

Week 4: Use your scraps

So I decided to create this journal for the Junk it Up prompt week. I might even use it for the Use your scraps week as well.

I used a Primark carrier bag as they use the brown paper bags still and watching Wendy Mason on YT making her Handbag journal I thought I would adapt it to suit my needs for this prompt.

In the true nature of ‘junk’ this journal was made using literally junk….. Junk mail, flyers and brochures

also old sketchbook paper and brown packing paper and various pages from magazines and some of my scrappy painted papers….

There is a pocket/tuck along the bottom of the bag cover

As well as the tops of the bag is still open for storing things in

The outside I’ve added a decorative paper/card as I liked the Union Jack image on it… In pink no less!!! Ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It’s got a little steampunk feel to it but I will probably emphasis that as I collage it and add lots of embellishments to bring it out.

Wendy is in the process of showing you tutorials on how to create the handbag journal on her You tube channel so I will leave it to her if you want to go check that out… If you click on Wendy’s name above to go to the 1st video in the series.

My centre spread was made using one of my painty papers using Brushos which I love love love ❀️❀️❀️ with my 2 favourite colours together, Scarlet and this is Turquoise which is an Aqua type blue with darker particles in it too.

Some black card and some decorative paper which was free from a magazine… Also you can see some of my dyed paper and some of the used brown packing paper behind the fruit..

I used bakers twain for the binding in in a 3 hole pamphlet stitch …. I think I will use this to create a closure as I left it really long.

I was so happy to make this for my use and I have a long long list of journals I want to make…. I am enjoying making again and full of motivation to get more underway.

I really need to have a massive reorganisation of my work area and create a good work space. I actually might be able to create videos better too. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

I hate it but I need to do it!!

Thanks for visiting… I would love to see your comments so please come and say Hi..

Until next time….

E xx

Bye bye 2018 Hello 2019

Oh what a year that was to be honest I am glad to see the back of it…. Its been a very difficult time for me as well as my family… With health problems and worries of all types. It started off with a big positive when I early retired myself from my school dinner lady job. Since ‘The fall’ I had back in June 2017 my life changed…. It effected my arthritis in my hip and also my confidence and I felt more vulnerable….. So I left my job, which I was beginning to hate being where it all happened, and moved onto sorting things out in my life and chilling out. I do miss the girls I worked with though but I still see them often as we like to go for Tea & cake or in my case just cake as I don’t like Tea or Coffee. πŸ˜‚

So we made some plans and one big decision was we needed to get a new car as our old Mondeo was 17yrs old and was having lots of wear and tear problems arising which was more costly to fix than it was worth.

So a Nissan Qashqai was pur–chased to our utter annoyance, kept having things go wrong with it….

Did I tell you we’re not very lucky people!! πŸ˜•

I love driving it… I wanted a higher level car so it would make it easier for me to get in and out of because of my arthritis in my hip and also appearing in my back, I am also quite tall so long in the leg too… For this it has been brilliant and my driving position too and its my favourite colour as well…. RED!! 😊

My work buddies being silly over my new car…. Ha ha!!

Sadly back in May we lost my old hound dog Monty…. His arthritis got seriously bad and we had to say goodbye to him with great sadness…

Sadly missed.. 😒

We also made plans to go on holiday for the first time in probably 10years (which was another reason to change the car) we took ourselves down to Dorset in Sept. We squeezed it in before our #1daughter went back to uni for her final year. Of course thats when the Qashqai decided to breakdown….

So mucked up the holiday good and proper…. I did get some crafting in though and we had really good weather considering…

My Big Daddy

Pebble painting was fun

Lyme Regis

I do love my ice creams 😁😁

By this time my hubbie started to have more symptoms that were distressing (he has Parkinsons) which required changing of his meds… So he has been off work since this time.

So he finally decided enough is enough and he put in a request for early retirement through ill health at work…. We are nearly there now finally checks seem to have been done so fingers crossed that will be finalised very soon.

Then it was my turn and my ‘lady bits’ were a problem and I had to have tests done to find the cause. So after lots of tooing and froing to the hospital, having minor surgery, I’m hoping that its all sorted now too.

In the middle of all this my Mum had her eye cataract surgery so I was getting a bit fed up with having to keep going to the hospital… I needed my own parking space!!!

So all in all its been a difficult year…. I have done quite a bit of crafting with my new adventure into mixed media and then slowly working on my journal making I think it has really helped me get through it… Sometimes not wanting to do it as I’d lost my motivation but finishing my first journal really gave me a boost and I now feel I want to make plans on what I want to achieve this year.

So enough waffle about last year…. Well except for my meet up with my lovely friend Meikie

And our gorgeous waffles when we visited the Waffle House in St. Albans they were scrummy 😁😁😁❀️❀️

It was lovely seeing her and that leads me onto visiting friends this year…

So.. Here is my list of things I want to do this year or as least try and start:

1. Visiting friends…. I have some lovely friends that live in different directions of the country and I need to go visit them as well as some newer friends that I’ve made in Holland and in the US. All on my list of visits I’d love to do.

2. Holiday destinations are on my list, some with my old bloke, some could be alone as he isn’t very adventurous and prefers this country and maybe once #1daughter is finished uni we can consider the odd holiday together too.

I think I will do another post on this one….

3. Kitchen extension needs to be finally finished (when he gets his pension sorted) this affects so many things in the house you wouldn’t believe….

4. Did I mention travelling…. Enjoying time with hubbie while we can, so lots of planning ahead..

5. Crafting…. I really need to sort a decent space out to craft in…. Not my workshop as that’s for my bead making which is a definite need to get out there and make again.

So lots of clearing out and tidying up rooms and my workshop and figuring out where things could go so I can maybe start videoing on You Tube….mmmmm!!! Its in my mind I’m not sure how well I could do it but I fancy giving it a go and learning how to edit videos as well as create them.

So watch this space for that…. I will let you know how that’s working out as I go along.

As for my journal making…. I am making a list of things I want to do for that…. mainly themes and ideas of how to do certain embellishments and additions I need to get better at, lots more YTubing for me there then!!

So I think that’s about it for now…. I hope to blog a bit more often….. I think I said that last year but you never know what each year will bring you…. So best laid plans and all that‼️

Lots of potential blog posts ahead…. Oooh I need to make a journal for that as well…. Add that to my list…. Ha ha 😁😁 I do like lists…. Especially ticking stuff off when it’s done βœ”οΈ

Sorry its been a bit long and waffly but I like to chat…. That’s why I’m called Chattylaine…. Ha ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



Catch you next time

Thanks for listening and visiting xx

Bye for now

E xx

‘White’ Challenge on Art Elements for December 2018

Hi well as usual I seem to be playing catch up…. I hadn’t actually forgotten about the challenge persay… but I hadn’t really come up with something for the challenge itself as December has been a bit demanding not just getting ready for Christmas….

I knew I still had to do it so I thought I would create a simple card for the challenge which I created yesterday and here is the link for the original blog post

So here goes…

I love the sheer brilliant whiteness of snow and the stark white with dots of colour in the landscape its just a joy to see….

(Photos by Pierre Pelligini)

Frosty/snowy mornings walking the dog was always horrible thinking I needed to take him out but then loved it when I walked the woods with him he always loved bouncing through it.

Sadly Monty left us back in May…

Being mainly white and short legged… Ha ha!! it used to be fun seeing him in the snow…

So I’ve taken inspiration from this and the snowy covered trees to create some simple winter inspired cards…

I used my inktense blocks watercolours as a background then stamped with the trees and added glitter

Here I used the inktense watercolours used die cut snowflakes and added glitter for some sparkle.

Keeping it simple I think made it quick, easy and also effective…and if you need to make a lot of them easy to reproduce in a production line like scenerio…..

I will take some new photos in daylight so they will be a truer colour.

Here are a few other snippets of various different cards and jewellery past and present using white….

My Cracked Ice beads on copper

Christmas cards this year

These were also simple to create I used some drawn tree designs from Rag Tag Blog with added tree stamp and glitter cutout dies.

Hope you enjoyed your visit so now please continue the journey around all the other participants for this months challenge…

Guest Artists
















Art Elements Team








Thank you for visiting

Elaine x

November’s Gone

Well I’m not doing to well at keeping up but I have been desperately trying to finish the journal I was making for Pat a friend from the jewellery community I am part of.

Sadly she passed away in November and so I didn’t complete it in time for her to see it. I still carried on and have now got it finished and its been sent off to her husband and family for them to fill it with memories.

It has many different things included in the pages, her love of sailing and jewellery making, as well as her favourite colour green. It has flowers, plants and butterflies too.

Front cover pockets… The dedication is covered for privacy..

Pat’s own jewellery which I own.

My own beads here and there throughout

One of my blue shell like headpins with a yacht charm, an anchor button and small wooden chipboard shell and lighthouse embellishments, a piece of lace, and some stamping all on this little tag…

Including snippets of my glass roses

I enjoyed making it even though frustrated at times of my lack of knowing what to do next and motivation as I was having some health problems myself and this was slowing me down as I was very low.

My health problems have now been sorted and back came my motivation, I was so delighted so it was full steam ahead…..

I love these earrings so light and has dragonflies on them.

Page from an Edith Holden book and this Necklace from a magazine….. Fly Free… I just loved this sentiment it just had to go into the journal

The centre has doily stencil gel print and a butterfly stamp over a distress oxide ink background, which has pockets behind it. The centre stitching thread has been left long and I added one of my bead headpins and a heart charm bead dangle to them

I made some tags one is a corner tuck spot on the right, a journalling card with my favourite chain maille bracelet made by Pat tucked into it

This blue tag/flip booklet embellishment has a small journalling place with lined paper inside and a paperclip on the back

Loads of tuck spots and pockets throughout the journal with various journalling cards to attach photos or more writing spaces. Some envelopes are empty and others have little tags or little journalling spots too.

I have put in some adult colouring book pages and some lace collages and doily embellishments.

More of Pats earrings…. A tulips paperclip tag. You can also see the centre bead dangles in this photo

There’s a lot going on in this page spread…. Got a bit carried away here, the lace pull tab has one of my bud headpins with some silver rich glass

This pull out book page was from a Cottage Garden Book.

Another Edith Holden book page and the green tag embellishment has lined paper inside for journalling on.

This is the back of it clipped to a Tim Holtz paper from Wallflower 12″x12″ pack.

Pockets on the back cover with Pats first chain maille necklaces which I believed she loved set onto black card.

That’s it the back cover…. Watercolour Florals Paper by Ken Oliver Crafts such beautiful papers I had to leave it as it was except the front cover embellishments.

It has been a real labour of love but I am so glad I’ve finished it…. And I may have gone a bit over the top with colours but that’s me I love colour and I kind of was using the front cover paper as inspiration throughout especially the pages I inked up myself.

I have made my very first ever video flip through of the journal on my You Tube channel if you fancy taking a look…. But not much talking as I kept mucking it up so decided best not talk at all!!

I hope you like it

Thanks for stopping by for a look

E xx

So into October….

Well I’m trying to play catch up so all of October in one post…. I think!!

My first visit to the Waffle House in St. Albans was awesome…. My friend Meikie was up delivering to customers, she is the most fabulous silk painter….. Ever!! And we arranged to meet for lunch…

It did not disappoint….

She had spiced apple on her waffle

Sorry only took photos of the Desserts, our main dish was Pulled Pork on waffles very good too …

My Mango and ice cream Waffle…. Yummy yum yum!!!

Next came the leaving exodus of my work colleagues…. 5 in total…. The last of which being my boss and friend Hilary who retired…

That was half term….

This is the last time we will be together…. at school anyway!

We are Hilary’s Angels….. No more!! Or The A team as we often went by too, (The school is called Ardley Hill!)

Here is the card I made for her…..

I wasn’t as happy with it as I could have been as I ran out of time. I was hoping to do some embossing on it and more Butterflies….. I wanted to keep it fairly simple but these things just run away with the time…. Hey ho I think she liked it πŸ˜€

Also during October I’ve spent my time tooing and froing from appointments … Mum having her eye op removing her cataract, Mick to the doctors as he’s been having issues with his meds for his Parkinsons and then there’s me!!!

I have problems down in my lady bits, so been having tests and a MRI scan trying to find out what’s going on down there. More investigations still to come but I have to have a General Anaesthetic this time. So fingers crossed for the 12th Nov.

Trying to get to grips with journal making along side my mixed media work and thinking of how I can combine them. I am slowly getting there but my mojo keeps leaving…. Its wandering off in a trance I think…. I keep calling it back but it keeps ignoring me…. So much going on I just can’t stay focused for long!

I’m getting bits and pieces done but I can’t seem to finish anything..

Here are some of the pretties I made while making Hilary’s card

This is the one I used

Bit of stamping on top

I will add more to them at a later date…. I want to make more for my stash of painty papers, so I can just pull out something when I need to and just personalise it.

Gel printing next I think!

In the mean time trying to finish my Happy Mails and get them on there way….

Oooh I nearly forgot Billie brought these home from uni for me (she works in the Art shop at uni) I was so chuffed

Oh boy those laces are huge rolls and really wide too!!!

So I think we are now up to date……

November is here already….

Soon be Christmas……..

Oh no that C word…..

Until next time

E xx

Our Holiday after a 10 year wait

Holiday Yaaaaay….. I thought it was about time.

We lost my old hound Monty back in May and haven’t really been able to get away for over 10 years as

a). We couldn’t afford it adding Kennel bills to the holiday price just made it to expensive

b). As Monty got older and had arthritis I didn’t want him in Kennels and we had no one that could look after him…

So we just didn’t go….. Now he has left us we were free to go away.

Decided on Dorset on the Jurassic coast… Mick loves fossil hunting so booked a chalet in a little place called Eype very near to Bridport. It was quite remote but we overlooked the sea…..

Chalet was great but unfortunately the car broke down on the way down…. 😭😭😭

We bought the car as our old car was getting unreliable….. Just our luck!!!

It restricted us getting about as we were very remote down a fairly steep hill down to the sea.

Had to walk everywhere while we waited for the part to arrive to be able to fix the car.

This is my gang walking off up the hill to go to the next town….. I stayed and did some crafting…. Beautiful day it was…

Painted a few pebbles…

I did enjoy sitting out in the sunshine….

Walking from here..

To there…

Bit of a stop in the middle…

The biggest ice cream ever….. Its a DADDY!

Lyme Regis after the car got fixed…… FRIDAY!!!!

Another beautiful day on the beach….

Obviously the seagull had to photo bomb.. of course!!

Billie’s ice cream…

It was a big challenge trying to get an ice cream everyday under the circumstances….

Hence I didn’t succeed!!

So that’s September…. Done!!

October has been very busy…. That’s the next post….

Until next time

E xx

What have I been doing…..?

Such a long time since my last post and quite a bit happening here.

What a great summer we had and I enjoyed most of it except for the exceptionally hot period with record highs of 30Β°c or more at times…. My daughter turned 21… Where did those years go πŸ€”

For her birthday my Brother and Sister in law gave her 2 tickets to visit Harry Potter World and she chose me to accompany her…. We booked it up in September just before our holiday and the start of uni.

Here she is in front of the Hogwarts Express…

We had a fabulous day and I thought I would add some of the photos I took of our day…

This is how they make the illusion of Hagrid being so large compared to Harry and his chums…. Camera tricks

The Knight Bus

Harry’s family home with the roof blasted out from Voldemorts killing curse on Harry’s parents…

Diagon Alley with Billie in front of Gringotts below

Loved seeing into the workshops and how they made the animatronics etc..

Hit the video… Which is of the Mandrake plant and the Voldemort creature

Billie checking out the Baselisk and if you think that spider is scary check the Forbidden Forest videos out a bit further down….. Scary 😱😱😱

Maquettes and drawings were awesome..

Mirror of Erised…. Can you spot someone…. πŸ˜‰

The great hall

The Gryffindor Common room

Dumbledore’s office

The Potions classroom

The Forbidden Forest…..

Just in time for Halloween….

Billie’s hand on the left.. Filming

Last but not least….. THE CASTLE MODEL…… WOW!!!

Ive wanted to go in such a looooong time…. So glad we finally got to go!

We had a fabulous time…..

I hope you enjoyed the little tour…..

Thoroughly recommend a visit if you love Harry Potter….

More updates very soon…

Bye until next time

E xx

Stamperama Haul and new equipment

So last weekend I went to the Stamperama Show in Stevenage. Not too far away about 40-45mins to get there. Its not very big but some great stalls though πŸ˜ƒ

Tiny bit of Mum there on the left with her push along thingy…. Or her ‘wheels’ as we call it!!

Since I bought my new car I feel more confident to travel further afield now and driving it is so much easier as getting in and out of my old Mondeo (now gone to the big scrapyard in the sky) was a problem. My Nissan Qashqai has a higher driving position and I can sit much more comfortably too.

Sorry I digress…. So I did post some photos of my Haul up on FB along with my first video on my new phone. I am hoping to start making videos for my You Tube channel but got lots of learning to do first. Now I have my new laptop I will need to work out how to do voice-overs, I tried to talk through my Haul but I wasn’t very good and kept making mistakes so just filmed it with no sound…. I know it will take time so hope one day soon it will happen.

Hoping this works

This is everything I bought

Stampers Grove with stamps etc.

I got the Tim Holtz Flutter stamp set…. I was so happy as I got it at the bargain price of Β£20… Was Β£26.99. That was one of 2 on my list… The Entomology set is the other….

Finally got some alcohol inks they have been on my list for aaaaaages!! With some alcohol felt pads for my blending tool. I thought I would try out some of the Fresco Chalk Acrylic paints, so just got 3 colours to start with, a stamp set (also a bargain) Β£16 instead of usual price of Β£19.99. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

The compass stencil was something I wanted a while ago by Aall & Create and a Versamark embossing pen.

This was my main Haul and I could of bought more but had to stop…. πŸ€”πŸ€”

Next I went to Honey Doo Crafts

The oxide inks where a very reasonable price so just bought a few I knew I didn’t have. Some mica powder in silver and copper and a few other items.

Then came the Metallic Waxes …. They were top of the list too.

They were Alchemy Wax by Imagination crafts in copper, bronze, Wild Orchid (purple) and the Pink one too. Couldn’t get silver but I will… They were on the stand of Jo Channon who is a Powertex tutor…. That looks cool but I didn’t get any though… might consider a class with her in the future. I did get some rust powder to try out and a couple of Distress Inks most of my inks are the small size but I thought I would get the Gathered Twigs as they didn’t have any Vintage Photo… Also some Squeezed Lemonade (yellow) I don’t have a yellow.

I’m doing pretty well so far….

I picked up some lovely papers by Ken Oliver called Watercolour florals they are gorgeous I’ve just today used some of those for a journal I’m making for a friend but I can’t show you yet as she doesn’t know about it. I will show you when it’s done and she has received it.

Finally I got a couple of laser cut wood pieces in a Steampunk style..

I might use them on a journal or maybe a canvas assemblage piece I think….that’ll be for me I reckon!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I’ve already had a play with the Butterfly stamps…. They are so cool…

Got my other ink colours out but I can also use Distress inks but they are not Archival and can still move with water.

Well my holiday is in 2 weeks (can’t wait) haven’t had a holiday in about 10yrs and gotta decide what is coming with me….. Butterflies are definitely coming πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Thanks for visiting…. I will let you know how my videoing journey goes…. Its a bit scary but I want to give it a try 🀨🀨. I must be mad!!!

Till next time

E xx

Gel printing ….. at last!

Yes I finally got my gel printing plate out and christened it!!!

Starting with sorting out some paper to use… couldn’t find my index cards though!!

And just got printing…..

I ran out of space for them to dry… one or two got a bit stuck together but they are ok.

Here are a few close ups

Including my foot…. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Some are unfinished but I can do them next time.

I really enjoyed it once I got the hang of it…. Sometimes putting to much on or not enough on the plate.

Once I got the stencils out that was interesting …. next time I will use some stamps as well.

Loved this doily stencil, first time I’d used it. Must use it more it’s so detailed.

Some are the positive prints some are the negatives…. which are more delicate.

Great fun…. don’t know why it’s taken me so long…. ha ha!!

Got a little bit more time now so hope to get more arting done…..

I’ve been hunting for a car….. now I got me one of these πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

She is a Qashqai and Red as well… my favourite!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Till next time

Bye for now

E xx