What do I want to create…

Hi I’ve been a bit up and down over the last couple of weeks on what to make…

This pandemic has been hard on everyone and I generally have highs and low times. Crafting and creating have been very helpful but sometimes I just want to do nothing.

But collaging seems to my outlet right now. It seems relaxing and quite therapeutic so I’m going with it. I’ve given myself a few mini challenges:

1. Use only an ‘odd’ number of items so basically 1,3,5,7,9 etc.

This has 3 items

2. Only use 5 items and no more, I can utilise the background paper but that isn’t included in the 5 items but it helps with the astetic of the piece.

This has 5 items and I utilised the background paper (the bit at the bottom is the next page you can see!)

This is the pocket on the next page again I used only 5 items on the pocket

3. Use only one colour to enhance the piece ie: I could use vintage papers with a splash of an accent colour.

This one is mainly neutral with the black die cut.. I enjoyed making this one it also has 5 items as well
This one has 9 items and yellow is the main accent colour with a splash of the dark brown but also working in 3’s

So I’ve been having fun glueing… Also doing some maths too!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Some others I’ve enjoyed

Red accents are always a favourite
My William Morris washi tape is the main accent colour in this one… Not sure if it still needs just a bit of something else

Most of these I have been using my Red Notes journal, my birthday present I purchased from Barbara @49dragonflies

Still can’t decide if I want to add something to the cover yet maybe a mini collage πŸ€”
This was my Snail Mail swap challenge

The Red Venetian Lady, as I call her, was a 5 items Snail Mail Swap Challenge set up by Barbara @49dragonflies and her swap partners Maud Heimstra and Maureen Astrid on Instagram.

My swap partner was the lovely Kari Gibson @karigibsonart on YT and IG.

She sent me my 5 items on this page and they are:

1. The Red Venetian Lady

2. The peacock print paper

3. The music paper with the Heart Now you can see on the right poking out

4. An old vintage letter… Where I have enhanced visually the Darling Mother from the letter

5. The snippet roll she created herself and sent it to me… The whole roll as well. I just used a piece at the bottom of the collage

I added the little tag with her message on the back by attaching it with a black brad.

I choose this page as I thought the moths on the opposite page complemented the red lady. 😁

I videoed the process if you’d like to see it, it’s on my YT channel, in part 2 is this collage, you can also see in part 1 what I sent to her and there is a link to her channel showing what she did with my 5 items I sent to her.

It was fun and quite challenging as I was a bit out of my comfort zone with this type of image and the peacock paper but I was happy how it turned out in the end.

Last but not least I sent this card with my friends Happy Mail to the Netherlands she finally received it this week so I was happy, took about 3 weeks to get there.

A very simple card for my friend Ineke in Holland

I have some other collages I can show you but that’ll be next time..

Stay safe and take care

Elaine xx ❀️

Collage…. I love it!

Thought it would be nice to have a new journal to work in, so I sort of ‘semi’ have some journals that are nearly ready to go together. A few additions and tweaks to the papers I had and here it is…

My Purple Asters Junk Journal

Front cover
Inside front cover has an Italian map as it had purple areas on it
The roses papers are from My Porch Prints on Etsy
Vintage Linens digitals from Roxy Creations on Etsy
Centre printed doily spread
This digi is from Nik the Booksmith
Thistles page from an old wildflowers  book
Back inside cover with a eco print from Susan Taylor Brown
Back cover the cardstock is by Ken Oliver called Watercolour Florals

So everything in this Junk Journal has a purple theme from lilacs and lavender through to dark purples, mauves and violets. All things going into the journal will have some form of purple included, well that is my challenge.

Some of the papers I used came out purpley because my printer ink started to run out (I assumed it was the yellow) so the papers printed out in lots of lovely lilacs and purples so I thought can’t throw them away so in here they went!

I just love how it turned out…

I have started my Chatty Journal Along with Me series on my YT channel Chattylaine Creates…. See what I’ve done there!!!

Well those that know me know how I like to Chat…. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So I thought let’s make it a journal along with me or any crafting really but it’s a nice way to feel like you are spending your crafting time with someone else even though they might be far away or even just around the corner.

At this time we need to feel like we are not as isolated as we actually are! So why not craft with me as I work in one of my journals… You can just watch or you can get out whatever you like to do and let us spend time together doing what we love. πŸ’œπŸŒΉ

Having a hobby like this, that we already do at home, I think it is a great way to keep going and get through this very difficult time so why not come on over to my channel, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and we can spend time together without leaving your own home!!

I have 4 videos of the Chatty Journal Alongs up now and the second half of #3 and all of #4 I’m working in this my Purple Asters Junk Journal… 😁😁😁

Here’s a link to my channel Chattylaine Creates

Here’s a collaged tag I made in Chatty Journal Along #3

I did make another item in the video before I introduce you to this journal which was in my Old Dutch first…. Be warned this is a long one!!

Collaging seems to be what I am enjoying most right now and I have been collaging in many ways and in different journals.

From a prompt by Maud Heimstra I made this collaged house from scrapbook papers in my Old Dutch
Simple collage with some Tim Holtz pieces
Both sides of a brown paper bag to take cakes to a friend
I love making the houses and I wanted to do this card for my niece who had just moved into her new home just as we went into lockdown.

So I hope you will join me as Chatty Journal Along #5 is under construction right now and I hope for more to come…

Stay safe and well 😁😁❀️

Until next time

E xx 🌼🌼🌼

How are you holding up?

Well for me I went through a difficult patch just over a week ago, couldn’t get my act together and my mojo started to slip!

I had to give myself time to adjust and work out what I needed to do…

I seemed to be concentrating on crafting and the house was getting neglected, we were all getting narked with each other and I was getting fed up with seeing the news (the same news) 3 times a day… Something had to change!

So I figured out what things were getting to me the most, the news (3 times a day) was my first problem… Spoke to hubbie, once a day is enough so I suggested the early evening news report and that’s it!!

I still try and avoid it every day but I do see it now and again for updates.

Second thing was I was letting everything get on top of me… Shopping, housework not getting done and organising things around the house that can be started on. I was doing nothing! πŸ˜”

So I needed to get these things underway little by little! Shopping – we go out once a week, for various day to day things like bread and milk etc. The main shopping so far we either had delivery slots but struggle getting those now but we are managing to get click and collects a bit easier. It was getting rather intense not only trying to get things for us but also for my Mum too. We are good now that the panic buyers are better controlled!

Housework, washing and general day to day stuff was really behind, my washing was piling up and we were running our of things to wear fast!

So I’ve been working on that…. I can only do tasks in short bursts otherwise I get too many aches and pains to deal with but I am getting there… #1daughter is helping me when I ask her…

This good weather helps with the washing 😊😊😊 and its lovely being able to get it outside to dry!

My biggest challenge is my crafting stuff…. Discussions and decisions had to be made and so that is the Major task to get started!

With the family I had to decide about my craft space….πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” So the Summerhouse craftroom idea is scrapped and I want to completely revamp my workshop into a full craft space studio for my paper crafts as well as my Beadmaking. I don’t want to give up on my beads just yet but the workshop needs lots of work to bring it back into being a great environment to work both hobbies in.

Right now it is a dumping ground for some of my daughters uni stuff as we had to bring everything home really fast, so that was the best option for now. I will keep you posted when it gets underway!

There are a number of other things to tackle and the little bedroom (or junk room as I like to call it) was a means to and end….

It was my daughters bedroom for the first 12yrs of her life….
The flowers I painted myself they cover up the clowns I stencilled… She hated them so they had to go
As you can see the room is so small the door opens out onto the landing and you can’t even get into the room!

This 3rd bedroom is tiny, I really do mean tiny it’s literally 6ft x 6ft with the boxing over the stairwell in it too. I needed to clear it out and get rid of anything that’s not necessary, condense it enough as I want to get some bookshelves in there for my old books and paper pads and storage of fabrics etc.

It’s a mammoth task…. Let the challenge begin….

I made a start last week, the 1st phase was a success, not sure how many phases there will be yet!

This is the boxing over the stairwell on it is all my jewellery/bead show equipment. This is the next phase! 😁

You can just about stand in the room now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Yes I keep my bathroom spare box in here… And loo rolls yay!!

There is a number of things to get rid of but can’t do that until after we can get out and about again so it may seem messy still but it is ready to go now I have unearthed it from the back of the room!! 😁😁😁😁

It might not seem much but I did do quite well but still a long way to go yet!

Each week a new task… I’m going to do some bits and pieces in my kitchen tomorrow before going back to this room.

We still have another 3 weeks of lockdown so I will be busy!! Even though it will still be longer for us personally!

Stay safe and well…

Virtual hug to you all ❀️❀️❀️

Until next time

E xx 🌼🌼🌼

The world has changed a bit…

I haven’t gotten around to writing a post this month so thought I’d better before the month is out …. I’m sure you probably know why!

Food shopping has taken top priority with medication thrown in…..both my husband and I take medication as well as my Mum. My Mum lives very close to me it’s actually the same road but it is a busy main A5 road running through our town so it takes about 5 minutes to walk over to her. She is vulnerable as she has type 2 diabetes and in her 80’s, along with my hubbie who has Parkinsons and Emphysema.

So we locked down fairly quickly before the whole country was told to do so…. πŸ˜•

My top priority is to make sure Mum has what she needs as she lives on her own, she is fairly housebound only going out if I take her out or my brother and his family. So being on her own isn’t to much different from normal it’s just we aren’t visiting, only to drop off food essentials.

I have been quite angry about the way some selfish people are reacting…. They obviously don’t care for anyone else and feel they must be more important to go and panic buy by stockpiling all of the things that has made everyone else do it too (well not everyone, we haven’t and I’m sure lots of others as well) we have what we need for now, just booking delivery slots when we can get them, for us and for my Mum… We order groceries online anyway and have done for sometime as it’s much easier on me as I have Arthritis.

Sorry rant over…

Makes me feel better getting it off my chest… Ha ha!!!

We are settling into a basic routine now and I’m trying to craft when I can but since it’s been nice and sunny during the day hubbie has been out in the garden, chilly still but lovely and spring like. It does get difficult to film as my table is in my living room right next to the TV which is why I tend to do it after everyone has gone to bed or elsewhere which is totally not happening now….much!

I have been videoing and I have introduced a ‘Chatty Journal Along with Me’ series where I will be working in my various journals and chatting along about all sorts of things, no tutorials but bringing you along with what I’m creating 😁😁

My idea was sparked by one of my online friends who said she crafts along while she’s watching my video, so I thought let’s do that…. You craft along with me as you watch or listen to me jabbering away! You can watch as well but I thought isn’t it a nice way to feel like you’re not alone while you’re crafting too.

Makes us feel like we are all connected at this difficult time while being shut in 😁😁😁 my video is here

Collage on a pocket
Pretty book pages

These are a few pieces I worked on in my video #1.

I really enjoyed it and I’m working on the next one as I write….well, to be honest, I recorded a few together but decided to split them up as they would get to long. So now I’m thinking ahead of what I can do. I tend to jump around in my journal and often something will jump out at me as I go through. I don’t always finish a piece at the time I start it I often go away and come back to it later.

Collage I did in my journal but not on the video

More collages in my journal

Seaside theme on envelopes
On a spotty bag

These two collages are on Happy Mail from the lovely Nina Ribena.

Her cards are inside the envelopes β›΅β›±οΈπŸšπŸ¦€πŸ™πŸ¦ž

Nina’s channel is simply called Nina Ribena … Her videos are mainly based on prompts for her fb group Mixed Media Emporium. Definitely worth a visit to her channel her makes are always brilliant and varied mainly mixed media but she has introduced more junk journal ideas from this year too 😁😁😁

So please come and visit my channel my link is above my daffodils collage photo would love to see you there…

Until next time

E xx

Keep safe and well everyone ❀️

Busy at Chattylaine Creates…

I’ve been busy filming videos lately as I’ve really got the bug now…. I do enjoy certain aspects of editing but it can also be a nightmare depending on how you record whatever you are doing…. Tutorials seem to be the biggest headache, as if it’s not right the first time, you can’t do it again as you’re already underway with what you are making….

I’ve been mainly doing updates on my various journals, just flip throughs of how I’m using it and what I’ve done so far.  Here are my Old Dutch and Handbag Junk Journals… Video is here

And this is in my Dutch Tulip journal, I’ve been adding photos of my trip to Holland as I hadn’t really got much done in it…

My friend Ineke and I in Amsterdam

I was going to do a ‘Journal with Me’ video but things went wrong and so I discarded the actual tutorial and started the video again just doing the flip through of what I’d done….video is here


I’m happy enough with them now but the editing of the video became so messy that I thought best start again. I like to talk directly as I’m doing the process but find it difficult concentrating on both doing and talking about it…. Practice is necessary!

My airplane ticket – I still need to write up the saga of the day
Pocket using my ticket from the Keukenhof

I’ve tried voice overs but I think I prefer talking as I’m doing it, it’s just harder, so definitely more practice. It’s all about the learning and figuring it out… Its what I love! β™₯️β™₯️

Planning is also the key, working out beforehand what you are going to do, which does make it not as fun as freely creating as you go. So a fine balance is needed of both freely creating and planning the video. I have improved slowly and things are becoming clearer the more I do but it is very challenging…. I’ve always enjoyed a challenge but on my terms and timescale….. I’m terrible at timescales generally… Haha!! Just ask my family and friends πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βŒš

So I thought I would try a planner type journal, not a full bullet journal as such, just a way to plan my videos and my journal making as they do go together anyway. I took out a subscription of Daphnes Diary magazine and with that I got a free Diary and a Bullet Journal (bujo) too.

The bujo is just empty other than dots on the the paper, so great for doing whatever you want in it…just what I need!

The diary I’m not sure if I will use it or not yet as my proper diary is my phone calendar which has appointments etc. in. I might try the DD diary out just for uploads of my videos a bit more for record keeping purposes I think.

Me being organised….. Whatever next!!! Ha ha ha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We’ll see how good I am at keeping it…

Until next time

Have fun creating

E xx

My present to me!!

As I said in my previous post it was my birthday last week and again I get money from most of my family.

I was watching a video from Barbara from 49dragonflies where she was showing flip throughs of some of her journals she had made to be sold in a local book shop (she lives in Vienna in Austria!) I fell in love in one in particular but after contacting her she told me it had already been sold but there was another I also loved, this one was still available so I nabbed it!!

It arrived last Saturday but I didn’t open it immediately as I wanted to film it, which I did!

I’ve just popped it onto my channel yesterday and it’s so cute and RED!

I love❀️❀️❀️❀️ it 😁😁😁

Thank you sweet Barbara, I’ve started to get ideas for it now. I think watching and editing the video I’ve seen things I could do so I might just be tinkering in it very soon.

This is the page that grabbed my attention. That red date on this ephemera says 31 Jan 1963…. Well if it said 21 Jan 1963 that is my day of birth!! It was only 10 days out but I thought it was rather cool!!!

It has a number of other January dates throughout the journal which I really loved about it too…

I’ve decided I don’t want to write in it, but I do want to decorate it and embellish it. So I might use it a bit like a planner but for me, I am a list maker so that’s what I will use it for I think. So my lists will be added into pockets etc. that I will make for them.

That’s the way I will go with it πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’–

So just a bit different to my other journals it will be a fun challenge!

I don’t want to necessarily collect other journals from wonderful jj makers but if one pops up I really love then I just might if I can nab it of course…. It can be tricky especially when they are sort after!!

So I’m now planning for various things that I can put into my Sweet Little Red journal… 😁😁😁

I am a lucky girl this year, such cool gifts. πŸŽ‚πŸ·πŸ’•

Until next time

E xx

January 2020 and birthday time again…

Most people I find don’t like January it’s usually cold, dark and dismal and after Christmas…. Ha ha! With the potential for snow and icy conditions it can be hazardous, well usually!

But having your birthday in the month you tend to look forward to it… Well I do… Generally!

Just before Christmas I had my knee give out on me and wasn’t able to get around much…. Christmas Day was the only day I did anything but during January my knee has improved enough to be able to get out of the house, I am still taking it easy but having my automatic car now has been brilliant, as its my left knee, at least I can still drive!

From my Mum I usually receive money for Christmas and this year I decided to go with a gadget….

I loooove ❀️❀️Gadgets and tools!

Mini portable printers to be precise! So for Christmas I went with a Phomemo Thermal printer, it’s a black&white printer and you can print onto sticker paper with it. I’d seen quite a lot of reviews on YTube and after watching Nina’s video review of one I thought it would be great for journalling, she had a lovely discount code too, so I got it for a good price on Amazon……. in Pink!

It will be great for written quotes and seems to be good for planners etc. It comes with templates in the app as well, you connect it from your phone.

It will print images but they do come out a bit grainy, gives them a vintage feel I think, I don’t mind it myself!

So it comes with one roll of white sticker paper but I soon got through that so, of course, I had to order some…

They come in different types –

Transparent paper

Gold (slightly sparkly) translucent paper

Sakura patterned paper

Blue print paper

And the White paper

There might be some others but these are the ones I decided on. I could get the white and transparent from Amazon but the other 3 I ordered directly from the Phomemo site. They didn’t take long to arrive from the US either. They all come with 3 rolls of each in the box.

I do love GADGETS!!

So for my second gadget (for my birthday which was last week btw) was a HP Sprocket mini photo printer… (from hubbie this time)

I just LOVE it!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

Yes this prints out colour photo prints onto special Zink sticky backed paper sheets.

Mine is RED!

I did get it a little early so I used it for some photos from the Christmas meal I had with my old work colleagues, in my December Journal. I was still adding to it during January as I couldn’t get much done in December in the end.

I’ve just put my December Journal Flip through video up on my channel and you can see some of the uses of both of these 2 printers…. More fun to be had!

They will be a great addition to my journalling 😁😁

I’ve been working in my Dutch Tulip Junk Journal and printed off some of my photos from my trip to Holland from last year.

Some are embellished and some aren’t!

I just love the instant photo appearing from the printer… Its so satisfying to be able to call off the photo you want in seconds.

I have a video coming soon with me working in the journal showing an update of the pages I’ve done so far! Here’s a few more I’ve started…

My You Tube channel is called Chattylaine Creates please pop over to have a look. 😁

Until next time

E xx

December journalling and my Christmas knee disaster

Yes had to play catch up with my last 2 posts but this one is fairly current now…

I’ve been doing a bit of journalling in my December Journal but the Friday before Christmas my knee gave out on me while out shopping and so have been struggling with the rest of Christmas prep…. I’ve had to rest up and leave the last of the shopping and prepping down to my #1daughter Billie. She did a sterling job as I just couldn’t have done anything without her.

She doesn’t drive so hubbie had to run her about a bit but otherwise she was doing it on foot. She’s not particularly keen on buses to busy with people especially this time of year.

I was able to get a bit of journalling in but not much as I couldn’t move stuff around, I, again, had to rely on her to set up things for me and I felt guilty of using her time up doing other things I needed outside of running the house and Christmas of course.

My poor baby was getting rather exhausted… But we got there in the end… Just!!

So here are a few pages I did achieve while resting, in between wrapping and giving instructions of what needed to be finished.

Front cover has more embellishments to it now..including bells!!

This is the inside cover which is a pocket and the title page that is also a pocket as well

I need to re glue it as this bottom corner hasn’t stuck properly

I’ve got Maud Hiemstra’s prompts tucked inside that front pocket…. You can find them on her Instagram page here

Foxy collaged on

This tree is double sided and a tuck spot

These are all pockets and tuck spots just haven’t got anything to go in them yet

Except this pocket it’s full of bits and pieces to use.

I made the tuck spot with the red snowflakes on the left with part of a cracker it still has a bit of a curve to it right now but hopefully in time it will flatten

I made a belly band and hope to stencil on these pages before doing anything else

Do you get the impression I love Red!!

Side view of all the lovely goodies sticking out…. Lace is needed I think and more tabs 😁😁

Here are my collages I’ve done inside… This is the first prompt on Maud’s list

The doily is a tuck spot

So is the tree

And the tree/tag is a tuck too

SQUIRREL…… isn’t he cute! He is a pocket as well.

I mainly used 3D Decoupage paper pads from The Works in the collages, I had finally found them while out shopping when my knee went. So I did get them home…. YAY! The squirrel is from The Winters Tale digi kit I used from Artymaze on Etsy.

I also used 2 other kits from Artymaze as well throughout the journal called Old Time Christmas and Watercolour Christmas you will find them all in her Etsy store.

The other papers I used were from paper packs called 12 days of Christmas by Docrafts Papermania and Merry and Bright from The Works own range called Make & Create and a few other paper pads from there too.

Well that’s all I have for you for now, until I’m back on my feet again properly I can’t really do much more….. So

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and I wish you a

πŸŽ‰Very Happy New Year for 2020πŸŽ‰

❀️Thank you for visiting me in my small little Blogland, I do appreciate you all who visit! ❀️

πŸ₯‚See you all in the new year🍾

I will say Bye bye to 2019 and hope 2020 will be better!!


Elaine xx

My Christmas/December journal

Took some time to get around to making it but it was together by about the end of the first week of December.

I wasn’t really expecting to do December Daily journalling but I wanted to just keep it to when I felt like doing some things in it.

I have taken out a few pages because it was a little chunky and also I realised I didn’t like where they where in the journal. So now I’m a bit happier with the lay out…

Just gotta get going in it… Halfway through December already and nothing added yet!!!

Bye for now

E xx

Update on the Witchy Journal

Just thought I would show a few photos of my additions to my Witchy Junk Journal.

It’s called.. The Witching Hour!

I’ve added extra scrapbook papers to the inside covers… This helps to strengthen the covers as well as look more interesting 😁

And I’ve added some lovely black lace pockets too.

I’ve added a title page, I just needed to add the year to it.

The back pocket.

And a couple of journal pages…

So onto other things….

Just playing catch up….. Again!!


Bye for now

E xx